Strategic Planning

The unique process used by Burcham Solutions is based on real-world experience in developing comprehensive, multi-level strategic planning processes and methodologies that define the mission, vision, values, goals, strategies, and performance measures to achieve a desired organizational future.

The BSG Way© integrates traditional strategic planning methodologies with the disciplines of appreciative inquiry, change management, and project management. This blended, sequential process builds stakeholder engagement and buy-in; gives clarity to the required human and fiscal resources, timelines, and budgets to implement the plan; and equips leaders of organizations with the tools to effectively manage the changes the plan requires.

Strategic Planning Services include:

  • Current State Assessment
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Visioning and Future State Design
  • Goals, Strategies and Outcomes Development
  • Success Measures, Benchmarking and Target Setting
  • Performance Monitoring and Dashboard Development
  • Implementation Support and Training

Change Management

Burcham Solutions can help you navigate the required and inevitable organizational and individual changes that come with any significant project, fundraising objective, and/or executive search process you undertake.

Research has demonstrated that organizational changes actually happen at the individual level – one person at a time. And naturally, with change comes resistance.

Organizations that successfully assess and manage changes that individuals will experience in designing and implementing change initiatives are more likely to be successful.

Burcham Solutions uses the Prosci© ADKAR  Model to understand and address individual changes and to build a framework for project management and organizational change that helps you reach your objectives on time and on budget.

Change Management Services include:

  • Change Assessment
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Change Management Team Training
  • Sponsor Plan and Roadmap
  • Communications Plan
  • Coaching Plan


Burcham Solutions employs a “best practices” approach based on many decades of research and real-world experience that have defined the proper sequence, process, and strategies for successful philanthropic fundraising that can literally transform your organization and provide enhanced benefits to those you serve for years to come.

We can help you design your fundraising future around 7 key elements for fundraising success:

  • Strategic Need – Assessing the strategic need for philanthropic support in achieving your mission, vision, and goals and an analysis of your overall funding mix.
  • Compelling Case – Identifying the rationale for donor support, your specific fundraising objectives, and defining the key benefits to constituents/clients/stakeholders.
  • Influential Leadership – Defining the optimal fundraising leadership and structures (board, staff, and volunteers).
  • Effective Communications – Defining the best communications, marketing, and public relations methods and tools to engage, cultivate, and create meaningful conversations with prospects and donors that lead to successful solicitations.
  • Sufficient Prospects – Identifying and researching the propensity, affinity, and capacity of potential pool of donors and prospects that identifies the number and level of gifts required for fundraising success.
  • Detailed Plan of Action – Defining the key tasks, timelines, benchmarks, and success measures in a detailed fundraising plan.
  • Sound Management – Designing the optimal infrastructure (staffing, budget, technology, policies/procedures, etc.) and operational environment for fundraising effectiveness, efficiency, and success.

Fundraising Services include:

  • Fundraising Assessments
  • Strategic Need Analysis
  • Fundraising Governance, Staffing and Budget
  • Case Development
  • Fundraising Policy and Process Design
  • Fundraising Strategy and Implementation
  • Donor Communications and Engagement Strategy
  • Prospect Research, Evaluation, and Cultivation
  • Donor Database Management Systems and Processes
  • Donor Recognition and Stewardship Programs
  • CEO and Board Development and Training
  • Professional Staff Development and Training
  • Capital Campaign Design, Feasibility, Planning and Management

Executive Search

Finding the right person for your executive level fundraising positions or the CEO/Executive Director can be difficult, especially when the supply of qualified nonprofit professionals is smaller than the demand and only getting worse with the mass exodus of the “baby boomers” from the workforce. Organizations also often struggle with issues like high turnover, lengthy vacancies, and a very limited pool of candidates to fill openings. This problem is even more challenging for smaller nonprofits that can’t compete for experienced fundraising talent with larger organizations that offer considerably higher salaries.

These key positions are vital to building the necessary fund development capacity within an organization and need to possess the essential leadership, ethics, and management skills to create a culture of philanthropy that brings fundraising into the heart of the organization and keeps it there. Given the significant investment of resources in these key organizational positions, it is prudent and practical that you properly invest in search and hiring processes that enhance the potential return on investment their roles are designed to achieve.

Burcham Solutions can help you find qualified candidates for your executive level positions that makes the hiring process more thoughtful, strategic, effective and efficient.

Executive Search Services include:

  • Job Profiling
  • Job Description 
  • Candidate Recruitment
  • Candidate Screening
  • Candidate Interviews
  • Employment Offer and Negotiation
  • On-Boarding

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