Burcham Solutions brings Real-World experience and a best practices approach to unlock your organization’s potential for fundraising success.

Our Fundraising Experience:

  • Generated more than $200 million through comprehensive, multi-level development, major gift and capital campaign programs from more than 15,000 donors, that engage more than 1,000 volunteers, and that increased endowment to more than $50 million.
  • Provided executive leadership for a dedicated team of fundraising professionals in 17 offices alongside 14 independent 501c3 foundations.
  • Served as the Executive Director of a statewide 501c3 foundation and board of directors compromised of corporate executives from a wide range of industry sectors, and led board recruitment, orientation, and facilitation to promote sound governance and ethics.
Our Fundraising Services include:
  • Fundraising Assessment and Planning
  • Strategic Needs Analysis
  • Prospect Research and Evaluation
  • Case Development and Market Testing
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Major Gift Campaign Design
  • Execution
  • CEO, Board and Staff Development
  • Volunteer Enlistment and Training
  • Donor Stewardship and Recognition

Public Affairs

Burcham Solutions offers tested principles and strategies to engage key stakeholders, promote your cause, and persuade decision makers to support your organization.

Our Public Affairs Experience:

  • Created and led effective state and federal government relations programs that included policy analysis, position development, communications, onsite engagement with lawmakers along with tracking and reporting results.
  • Conducted successful advocacy campaigns with dedicated teams of staff and volunteers to engage thousands of stakeholders at the grassroots level to influence local, state and federal policy makers.
  • Led a team of marketing and PR professionals in the designing and implementation of effective branding, interface with media and delivery of key messaging to support the organizational mission and advocacy agenda.
Our Public Affairs Services include:
  • Situational and Competitive Analysis
  • Policy and Position Statements
  • Messaging, Communication and Media Relations
  • Government Relations, Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Stakeholder Identification and Evaluation
  • Partnership Development
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Event Management

Strategic Planning

Burcham Solutions can help you define your desired future, design the plans and strategies to achieve your business goals on time and budget and manage the changes that result.

Our Strategic Planning Experience:

  • Developed multiple comprehensive, multi-level strategic planning processes and methodologies to drive the mission, vision, values and desired organizational future.
  • Led the development of unique systems and processes that integrated strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and change management.
  • Created organizational capacity for change and project management to ensure the strategic objectives were achieved.
  • Worked closely with data and policy analysts to select key performance metrics and targets to demonstrate achievement of goals and strategies.
  • Developed business plans that outlined specific strategies and resources necessary to achieve organizational goals.
  • Developed methods of conducting strategic needs analysis to identify the necessary fiscal, human and technological resources needed to achieve goals and the identification of potential funding sources.
Our Strategic Planning Services include:
  • Visionary and Future Business Design
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Development
  • Key Performance Metrics and Target Setting
  • Change Assessment and Management
  • Change Management Integration
  • Project Management

Executive Search

Burcham Solutions can help your organization find the right talent for the job and make the process easier and more cost effective.

Our Executive Search includes:

  • Defining the essential characteristics, experience, and competencies needed to advertise and screen potential candidates for the job.
  • Developing job descriptions to define the title, level within the organization, and the competitive package to attract the most qualified candidates for the position.
  • Creating and placing advertising via traditional, social and digital channels to attract prospective applicants for the job.
  • Reviewing and screening all applicants to determine their level of interest and qualifications for the job and recommend a short-list of candidates who should be considered for interviews.
  • Coordinating telephone, video and in-person interviews to assist in finding the right person for the open position.
  • Making the official offer of employment to the selected candidate and assist with the negotiation of the compensation package based on specific needs of the candidate.
  • On-boarding the selected candidate and assess the level of ongoing professional development and training needed to ensure success.
Our Executive Search Services include:
  • Job Profiling
  • Job Description
  • Recruitment
  • Screening
  • Placement
  • On-boarding


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